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About Jetstream

Jetstream is a printed monthly magazine focusing on international civil aviation. Since its foundation in 1961, Jetstream has (just like its namesake up in the skies) quickly become a steady force that continues to propel the fascination of flying among aviation enthusiasts and professionals alike.
Jetstream is published in Switzerland and distributed mainly in German-speaking countries with a print run of 4’200 copies each month. Thanks to its long-lasting tradition, its focus on in-depth articles, stunning photography and high-quality paper, Jetstream is widely regarded as one of the top aviation magazines in the German-speaking market.


Join us as Correspondent or Editor

Jetstream also prides itself for its wide network of global correspondents who keep providing us with news bits from their airports/regions or even whole in-depth articles about interesting topics. Even though Jetstream is published entirely in german, articles in english or other languages may be of interest to us, as they can always be translated by one of our team members. If you would like to become part of the Jetstream network or just submit a one-off article, please contact:





Submit Photos

Jetstream’s monthly editions include dozens of striking aviation photos from all over the world. If you have a photo that you believe could be of interest to us, that you would like to share with our readers and enjoy in Jetstream’s trademark print quality, you are very welcome to submit it for publication. All submitted photos should be un-edited, un-compressed, have a resolution of at least 6 Megapixels and preferably be in RAW formats, while JPEG can work as well.

As of 2019, Jetstream accepts photos in two categories:

Spotting Shots

These traditional-style photos are mainly showcasing new additions to the airline/airplane market or striking new paintschemes that haven’t been published in Jetstream before. They should be photographed in a way that makes it easy to recognize the special character of the pictured airplane, i.e. mostly side-on, in good light, without heat haze. Please attach the airport and date of the shot. Submit these to:


Top Shots

This is your place to get creative! Our Top Shots show the beauty of aviation photography in all its magnificent ways: Be it a creative crop, a nice detail, striking light or a jaw-dropping background. Get ready to amaze our readers with your absolutely best shots and show them how you capture the beauty of flying! Still, these photos need to be sharp and in adequate resolution, too. Submit these to: